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    Inspired to elevate the TCF Mission, Vision and Purpose around the globe

    This forum was created to recognize the unique character of the TCF experience

    and become a home for TCF's to share their stories, anecdotes and challenges- but also to provide mutual guidance and support.



    What is a Third Culture Family?

    A Third Culture Family (TCF) is a family unit leading a long-term nomadic/globally mobile lifestyle, holding a single or multiple passports but no plans to go back to its country (or countries) of origin




    Mission Statement

    • to make a difference  
    • to build a legacy 
    • to advocate for an inclusive view of the world
    • to secure our children’s future in a globally minded society
    • to bring hope to the world and reconnect on a human scale  


    How can the TCF model give an example and leverage the benefits of its own experience as a global family?


    Affirm our TCF identity

    • By acknowledging our TCF identity and creating greater awareness of our growing community 
    • By Creating a genuine sense of PURPOSE

    Communicate + stand for our value system

    •  By sharing our experience with other TC individuals who may not yet have recognized their tribe  

    Promote our skillset + our TCF competencies

    • By Becoming a social model: use your gifts and put skillset forward: through your job, your current role in society, as a parent, at your childrens school
    • By taking on an active role in society to promote connections within circles where we can be most influential

    Inspire our children + our environment

    • By educating and preparing our children to value and share their cross-cultural gifts
    • Show the value of your TCF contribution to society

    Support global + local communities

    • By supporting TCF families with adequate resources to find their tribe and promote these values 
  • Marielle de Spa

    TCF thought leader

    Marielle de Spa

    TCF Thought Leader

    Marielle de Spa is an entrepreneurial ATCK with a professional expertise in global talent management and leadership consulting.


    Her previous track record in executive search combined to multiple international transitions with her Third Culture family have provided her with comprehensive knowledge of expat life and career advancement complexities. Both paths have naturally lead her to create TCKapital, an advisory firm with a mission to

    • Identify, Unlock and Promote global talent and Third Culture competencies,
    • Advise international leaders on how to effectively navigate complex transitions,
    • Architect global career plans by aligning professional goals with personal fulfillment. 

    Marielle has lived and worked in various countries across the Americas and Europe. She currently lives in Rio de Janeiro where she has recently co-founded the first Brazilian Families in Global Transition affiliate.

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